Academic Update

Q: What is Academic Update?

A: Academic Update is a window of time in which you can enter your updated coursework completed after you originally e-submitted your application. You can only update the “Coursework” section once during academic update period. You are not allowed to update your course history at any other time during the admissions cycle. While the academic update window is open, you can only enter grades for courses taken during the summer and fall 2016 terms. You can NOT add courses taken in previous years. You can also add any new planned or in-progress coursework for the winter, spring and summer 2017 terms.

Q: Who can take advantage of the Academic Update?

A: You can begin the Academic Update only after PTCAS has verified your application and your GPAs are available. Once your application is verified, PTCAS will notify you by email that you are able to begin the Academic Update.

Q: Am I required to enter my updated courses during the Academic Update?

A: If you originally e-submit your PTCAS application in summer or fall 2016, you are strongly encouraged to enter your updated summer and fall 2016 grades and planned/in-progress courses for 2017 during the Academic Update. Please enter your updated courses during the Academic Update as soon you are notified, even if you have already received an offer of admission to one or more PT programs. If you fail to enter your updated courses, your designated PT programs may not consider your application or may revoke a previous offer of admission. (PTCAS does not require applicants to complete the Academic Update).

Q: I entered my updated courses, but the PT program told me they weren’t received. Why?

A: Once you enter all of your updated courses, you MUST go back to the Application Checklist window and click on the “E-Submit Academic Update” button. If you do not click the e-submit button, PTCAS will be unable to process your changes and your programs will NOT receive your updated coursework and grades!

Once your application is updated AND your fall transcripts are received, PTCAS will verify and send your revised course history and GPAs to your designated PT programs. Your updated GPAs will be available under the “Status” menu option of your PTCAS application.

Q: Can I update my courses more than once?

A: NO! You can only submit your Academic Update coursework once. Make sure you have the complete results for your fall classes and carefully review the form before clicking on the “E-Submit Academic Update” button. If you do not click the “E-Submit Academic Update” button, your coursework and GPA will not be updated.

Q: I plan to e-submit my application in January. Should I enter my fall grades when I first e-submit my application or wait until the Academic Update?

A: Most colleges and universities post fall term grades from late December through mid-January. If you know your fall term grades when you are ready to e-submit, enter the fall courses in the “Coursework” section as completed. Arrange for your official transcripts to be sent as soon as your registrar confirms that the fall term grades are posted on them. Do not wait for the Academic Update.

Q: What do I do if my fall grades are already entered as complete?

A: This means that your fall transcript arrived at PTCAS before your application was verified and PTCAS staff has already entered the data for you. There is no need for you to enter the grades again.

Q: Can I update courses that were already reported as completed?

A: No, courses that were originally reported as completed cannot be modified.

Q: Can I send my updated transcript to PTCAS after the January 15 priority deadline?

A: Yes. While PTCAS strongly encourages you to have your updated transcripts in to PTCAS as early as possible, we will accept updated transcripts until February 15, 2017. Please note, your designated PT programs may not consider your application if the Academic Update is not done by the February 15 deadline.

Q: What do I do with “In Progress or Planned” courses?

A: Change any Planned/In Progress terms that now have grades to a Completed Session by clicking on the “Switch to Completed Session” button. Then enter the grade for each course. At this time, you may also enter any new planned sessions for the winter, spring, or summer 2017 terms.

Q: What do I do if some fall grades have been entered, but not all of them?

A: In this case, PTCAS received a partial transcript and entered all the grades that were present. You will need to contact PTCAS to arrange for PTCAS to enter the remaining coursework for you. Do not create a second fall term.

Q: After I e-submit my Academic Update, when can my designated PT programs see my updated GPAs and coursework?

A: As soon as you e-submit your Academic Update, PTCAS gives your designated programs real-time and secure access to your entire application on-line, including the UNVERIFIED courses you entered during the Academic Update. Once PTCAS receives your updated official transcripts, PTCAS will verify your fall courses and recalculate your PTCAS GPAs. Your entire application file, including your newly VERIFIED courses and revised GPAs, are available to your designated PT programs online immediately.

Q: Can I add coursework from prior year’s semesters & AP information during the Academic Update?

A: No, you cannot add any prior year’s semesters or AP information during Academic Update. The Academic Update is only intended for your newly completed summer or fall 2016 coursework and planned and in progress coursework for winter, spring or summer 2017.