Application Fees

Q: What is the charge for the PTCAS application?

A: The PTCAS fee is $140 to apply to one program and $45 for each additional program. Your designated PT program may also require you to send a supplemental fee directly to the institution.

Q: When do I pay for my application?

A: The PTCAS payment screens are not available until after you e-submit your application. The total amount owed depends on your total number of designated PT programs. Once you are satisfied that all required sections of your application are complete and correct, click the e-submit button on your “My Application” page and follow the on-screen instructions to submit payments.

Q: Does PTCAS accept personal checks?

A: No. PTCAS does not accept personal checks to pay for your application. PTCAS accepts money order and credit card payments only.  Credit card is the preferred method of payment.

Q: Which credit cards do you accept?

A: PTCAS will accept the following credit cards: MasterCard and Visa.

Q: How do I pay my application fee with a money order?

A: To pay for your application with a money order, select “Pay by Money Order” after you have e-submitted your application. All money orders must be payable in United States funds to PTCAS.

Note: You must include your name and PTCAS ID number on the memo line and attach the PTCAS payment form, which will be generated when you confirm your selection of Money Order as your payment option.  Please make sure that you fill the money order out completely, including your address and signature on the money order.

Q: Where do I mail my money order?

A: Mail your money order payment to the following mailing address:

PTCAS Application Fees
P.O. Box 9112
Watertown, MA 02471

Q: Can I send my payment along with my transcripts?

A: No. If you pay by money order, your payment must arrive separately from your transcript. Your official transcripts must come directly from your institutional registrar or records office. If your payment arrives with your transcript, PTCAS will consider your transcript unofficial and your file incomplete.

Q: Does PTCAS accept any money order or credit card payments by phone?

A: No.

Q: Can I change my payment option from money order to credit card after I e-Submit my application?

A: No. Once you have e-submitted your application, you cannot change your payment option.

Q: Why hasn’t the money order that I sent to PTCAS been applied to my application?

A: There are four primary reasons your payment was not processed.

  1. Payment has not yet been received by PTCAS. Please allow up to 10 business days from the date your payment was mailed for it to be received by PTCAS.
  2. You have not yet e-submitted your application. Once e-submitted, allow 2–3 days for your payment to be marked as received.
  3. Payment does not match amount owed. If you provided payment that does not match your total application fees, contact PTCAS.
  4. Payment cannot be matched to file. Your money order payment may have arrived at PTCAS but was not attached to your PTCAS Payment Form and did not contain adequate identification information (name and/or PTCAS ID). If you suspect that this is the case, or have questions regarding your money order payment, contact PTCAS.

Q: What happens if I dispute my credit card payment?

A: PTCAS will assess a service charge of $25.00 for credit card charge backs not authorized by PTCAS. You will be instructed to pay the application fee and service charge by money order only within 10 business days. If you do not comply, PTCAS will stop the processing of your application and notify your designated PT programs. You will not be allowed to apply to PT programs through PTCAS in future cycles until all fees owed to PTCAS from previous cycles are paid in full.

Q: How do I withdraw my application from ALL programs?

A: If you have e-submitted your application but wish to withdraw your application from ALL of your designated programs, you must contact PTCAS in writing with explicit instructions to place your application On Hold and to notify ALL of your designated PTCAS programs that you have withdrawn your application from consideration. Your request letter must include your PTCAS ID number, be legible, and be signed and dated. PTCAS will not accept withdrawal notifications sent by e-mail. PTCAS does not grant fee refunds under any circumstances, even if you withdraw your application. Mail your application withdrawal request to the following address:

PTCAS Application Withdrawals
P.O. Box 9112
Watertown, MA 02471

Q: How do I withdraw my application from just one or some of my programs?

A: If you applied to more than one program and wish to withdraw from only one or some of your designated programs, you must notify the institution(s) directly. PTCAS does not grant fee refunds under any circumstances, even if you withdraw your application.

Q: Can I obtain a refund for the PTCAS application if I withdraw my application?

A: No. Once you have e-submitted your application, you cannot receive an application fee refund under any circumstance. You are expected to have given careful consideration to your selection of programs before you e-submit your application. Keep in mind that you are able to add additional designations after you e-submit, so if you are unsure as to whether you wish to apply to a particular program, e-submit your application only for those programs you are certain about and wait to add any other programs until you are confident that you want to apply.

Q: Can I obtain a refund if my application is never mailed due to missing materials?

A: PTCAS will not issue refunds for missing materials. It is your responsibility to monitor the status of your required application materials. PTCAS will NOT notify applicants of missing application materials.

Q: Can I obtain a refund if I miss a deadline?

A: No. Once you e-submit your application to PTCAS, refunds will not be issued. You must comply with program deadlines and policies as provided on the PTCAS program pages. It is your responsibility to be sure your application has been e-submitted to PTCAS before 11:59pm Eastern Standard Time (EST) on the deadline date of your selected PT program(s).