Application Status

Q: What are the application statuses?

A: The application statuses, which may be referenced when you contact PTCAS, are:

You have created an application, but have not yet submitted it to PTCAS.
You have submitted your PTCAS application, but PTCAS has not yet received all of your required United States transcripts and/or payment.  (Your programs have electronic access to your application.)
You have submitted your PTCAS application, all United States transcripts, and fee payment to PTCAS and your file is in queue for verification. You may still be missing other materials required by your PT programs, such as references. (Your programs have electronic access to your application.)
PTCAS processed your complete application and it is fully available to your designated programs, including GPAs.
PTCAS has released your application back to you so you can fix errors in the “Coursework” or “Institutions Attended” sections. You must make corrections to your application and resubmit before PTCAS can begin or continue to process it. (Your programs do not have electronic access to your application while it is in this status.)
Your application has serious problems or mistakes that need to be discussed before PTCAS can take any additional action on your file.  (Your programs do not have electronic access to your application while it is in this status.)

Q: Will PTCAS update me on the status of my application?

A: It is your responsibility to check on the status of all required documents by logging into your PTCAS application! PTCAS will not notify you if you are missing application materials or do not meet the requirements for a particular program. PTCAS will only notify you about problematic application materials, such as issued-to-student transcripts, incorrect coursework entries, or incorrectly or unlisted institutions. PTCAS will also e-mail once you have created your application, submitted your application, your transcripts and references are received, and your coursework is verified.

Q: How can I tell if my file is complete or verified?

A: To determine if your application is complete at PTCAS or has been forwarded to your selected programs, login to your application and check the individual STATUS sections.

Q: How long will it take PTCAS to process my file once it’s complete?

A: Please allow up to 4–5 weeks after your application’s status becomes complete for it to be processed and released to your designated programs. In many cases the processing time may be shorter, but you should make every effort to have all pertinent documents sent to PTCAS as early as possible and by the program’s deadline date. PTCAS will accept late materials, but your selected program(s) may not.

Q: How can I determine if my transcripts were received?

A: PTCAS will e-mail you each time it receives a transcript for you. Additionally, once you e-submit your application, check the status of each transcript online:

  1. Login to your PTCAS application;
  2. Select the “Transcripts” option in the STATUS section;
  3. When a transcript has been received, PTCAS will populate the “date received” column located next to the school name.

Q: Should I wait to submit my application until all of my transcripts are received?

A: No. You do not need to wait for all transcripts to be received before e-submitting your application. Submit your application as soon as it’s complete.

Q: How can I determine if my references have been received?

A: Once you e-submit your application, follow the steps below to view the status of your references:

  1. Login to your PTCAS web application;
  2. Select the “References” option in the STATUS section.
  3. When a Reference has been received, the status will say “Completed” and the “date received” column will be populated.

If a Reference is filling out an electronic letter of recommendation, the status will say “In Progress” as soon as the Reference begins filling out the online form. An electronic letter of recommendation is not considered submitted until the status is listed as “Completed.”

Q: How will I know if my GPAs have been calculated?

A: If you have United States coursework listed on your application, you will be able to view your PTCAS GPAs as soon as PTCAS has verified your application.  PTCAS will also send you an e-mail as soon as your GPAs have been calculated. To view, login to your PTCAS application and select the “GPA Calculations” link in the STATUS section. To determine what classes are included in the PTCAS GPAs, go to the “Coursework” section.

Q: How will I know if a PT program has received my verified application?

A: To view the status of your application to the designated programs: Login to your PTCAS web application and select the “PT Designations” option in the STATUS section. You can view your designated program (s) status only after you e-submit your application to PTCAS.  Programs may not begin to view your application or contact you until later in the cycle.