Institutions Attended

Q: I earned college transfer credit. Do I need to send a transcript from the college where the course was actually taken?

A: YES! Enter ALL of the undergraduate, graduate, professional, and foreign institutions you have attended or plan to attend through the end of the admissions cycle. List all institutions regardless of whether course credit transferred to another college or university, or the college courses were taken during high school for advanced placement credit. Be sure to include non-degree programs (e.g., summer school). PTCAS requires a separate official transcript from all regionally accredited United States institutions attended, including University Extensions.

Q: If I attended a school for multiple degrees, or if there were gaps in my attendance at a university/college, should I list it more than once?

A: NO. Enter each institution only once, regardless of the number of degrees earned or any gaps in the dates of attendance. When entering the listing for this institution, you should adjust the date fields to encompass the entire time span during which you were at that school. For example, if you attended a particular school from 1997–1999 and then from 2002–2004, list the dates attended from 1997 to 2004. Duplicate college/university entries may delay the processing of your application.

Q: What if a college or university that I attended is not in the PTCAS college code list?

A: The college code list available on the PTCAS web application contains programs recognized by the Regional Accrediting agencies throughout the country. Check to see whether the institution has undergone a name change or is listed under a prior or alternate name. If you still do not see the institution in the list, contact PTCAS for assistance.

Q: What is a “Primary” Institution?

A: Your primary institution is the college or university where you will earn (or have earned) your first bachelor’s (undergraduate) degree. If no degree is planned, select the institution where you completed the majority of your undergraduate courses.

Q: Where do I send my transcripts?

A: Have your official transcripts sent from the registrar directly to PTCAS with the PTCAS transcript request form enclosed.

PTCAS Transcript Department
P.O. Box 9112
Watertown, MA 02471

Note: PTCAS cannot guarantee the receipt of any mailed items, regardless of the method of delivery. Overnight mailing of documents does NOT expedite processing once they have been received.

PTCAS now accepts transcripts sent electronically from Credentials Solutions. To see if your school participates with this service please check this link;

If your school does participate please follow the link below:

Please note: PTCAS will not accept any other form of electronic transcripts other than transcripts sent from Credentials Solutions. If you do not see your school listed on the credentials solutions website above you are required to have your official transcript mailed to PTCAS. Once your transcript has been requested from Credentials Solutions it will take 7-10 business days to post to your application. Important note: utilizing this service will under no circumstance expedite the processing of transcripts. If you do not see your transcript posted to your application within the allotted 10 business days after it was requested please contact Credentials Solutions directly to confirm the order was completed.