Q: If I am applying to multiple programs, will the same essay be sent to all of them?

A: Yes, the same essay will be sent to all of your designated PT programs. It is not possible to make any changes to your essay once you have e-submitted your application.  PT programs may require applicants to submit school-specific essays in addition to the standard PTCAS essay.

Q: Can I print my personal essay or save it to a disk and mail it to PTCAS?

A: No. You can only submit your PTCAS essay by entering the text into the appropriate section of the online application. PTCAS will not forward any personal statements that are received through the mail or email.

Q: Why are there some strange punctuation marks in the essay I saved to the PTCAS application?

A: If you paste text from some word processing programs (i.e., Microsoft Word) certain formatting characters such as angled quotes, accents, and other special characters will not display properly. Please review your final text and make corrections to the format as necessary. You are encouraged to compose your statement in a text-only word processor (e.g., Notepad), review your statement for errors, then cut and paste the final version into the text box.

Q: Can I edit or replace an essay after I have e-submitted my application?

A: No. Once you have entered a PTCAS essay and e-submitted, you cannot edit, replace, or delete it . If you notice an error after you e-submit, you must contact the PT program directly to discuss the issue with the local admissions office.

Q: The PT program stated it does not use the PTCAS essay. Can I leave the essay box blank?

A: No. You are required to enter at least one character in the PTCAS essay box. PTCAS advises you to enter an appropriate and complete response to the PTCAS essay question in case you decide to later apply to another program in PTCAS that requires it. You cannot edit, replace or delete your essay after you have e-submitted your application.