General Questions

Q: Do I need to print my PTCAS application if I am submitting it electronically?

A: Applicants should print out a copy of the application for their PERSONAL RECORDS only. Do not send printed copies of your application to PTCAS or your designated programs.

Q: If I am applying to more than one program, do I need to create a new application for each one?

A: NO. PTCAS is a centralized application service designed to allow you to apply to as many of the participating programs as you would like using a single application. You are only required to send one set of documents (transcripts, references, etc.) to PTCAS. Creating multiple applications will cost you more money and will delay the processing of your application to the programs you have designated. Duplicate accounts for an individual are not permitted and will be deleted. PTCAS is not responsible for the delays in the processing of your application due to multiple accounts.

Q: Why should I enter my Social Security Number into my PTCAS application?

A: You are not required to enter your Social Security Number on the PTCAS application, but this information may be used to match your materials to your PTCAS file. In addition, some PT programs use Social Security Numbers to process financial aid requests or for local data purposes. Applicants that do not include a social security number may need to provide that information directly to the program, upon request.

Q: Can I edit the application after I have e-submitted it to PTCAS?

A: You are able to edit some sections, but the majority of the application becomes locked once you e-submit your first designation(s). The following sections can be edited after you have e-submitted your application:

  • Alternate Name
  • Mailing Addresses
  • Phone Numbers
  • Email Addresses
  • Password: Not transmitted to your designated PT programs
  • Designate Additional PTCAS Programs: No substitutions or deletions
  • Planned and In-Progress Courses: One-time changes during the Academic Update only
  • New Fall Courses Completed: One-time changes during the Academic Update only
  • Reference Contacts: You may not delete an evaluator from your application once PTCAS receives the evaluator’s reference
  • Test Scores: You may add new test dates and scores at any time. Programs may not consider updated scores in the admissions process.
  • PT Observation Hours: Any “in-progress” hours being verified electronically may be updated during the application cycle up until they are marked as “complete” or until the end of the application cycle. “Completed” experiences and any experiences being verified on the uploaded form may NOT be updated at any point.

Q: Can I apply to additional programs after I submit my PTCAS application the first time?

A: Yes. You may login to your submitted PTCAS application to add additional program designations. You must pay the incremental fee of $45 for each additional program you select before your request will be accepted.

Q: What documents can be sent to PTCAS?

A: In order to apply to programs through PTCAS, you must fill out an online application and provide the following documents to complete your file:

  • Official Transcripts from all United States regionally accredited higher-education institutions attended
  • PTCAS application fee payment

If required by the program, you may also send the following items to PTCAS:

  • Up to 4 References
  • Foreign Transcript Evaluations
  • Signed PT Observation Hours Verification Forms
  • TOEFL Score Reports

Q: Is a Curriculum Vitæ or résumé required?

A: No. Neither a curriculum vitæ nor a résumé is required or accepted by PTCAS.

Q: Can I send other materials to PTCAS even if they are not required?

A: Do not send any other documents to PTCAS, regardless of whether you wish them to be included as part of your PTCAS application. PTCAS will NOT forward any documents other than those listed above to your designated programs. If you would like your designated programs to obtain a copy of additional documents or credentials, you must contact your programs and ask whether they will allow you to send these items to the admissions offices directly.

Q: Will PTCAS send my Foreign Transcript Evaluation to a non-participating program or any other establishment?

A: No. Any documents received by PTCAS will be used for verification purposes and subsequently archived. PTCAS is only authorized to distribute applicant documents to PT programs participating in PTCAS. PTCAS cannot make exceptions to this policy under any circumstances.

Q: Do I have to wait for my documents to be received at PTCAS before I can e-submit my application?

A: No. You can and should e-submit your PTCAS application as soon as you are confident that you have filled it out completely and accurately. PTCAS will accept your letters of reference, transcripts, signed PT observation hours form, and payment regardless of the status of your application. The receipt of these documents does not affect whether you can e-submit.

Q: Does PTCAS save or carry over any application materials from one admissions cycle to the next if I reapply in the future?

A: If your application was “verified” to your designated PT programs in the previous admissions cycle and you re-apply, PTCAS can pull your application materials forward into the current admissions cycle. It is the re-applicant’s responsibility to verify that the imported information is accurate and complete.

PTCAS will pull most application data forward, including:

  • All colleges and universities attended
  • All United States coursework previously verified by staff
  • All Canadian coursework listed on the application
  • All United States transcripts, Canadian transcripts and Foreign Transcript Evaluations received
  • All listed extracurricular activities, honors and work experiences

Re-applicants are advised to re-submit GRE scores to the correct GRE code for every designated program in PTCAS as some institutions do not (1) accept GRE scores sent via PTCAS or (2) pull previously received GRE scores forward into the new admissions cycle.

The following items are not pulled forward by PTCAS from the previous cycle:

  • References*
  • PT Observation Hours and Verification Forms
  • Essays
  • Payments
  • PT Program Designations
  • Responses to Custom Questions for PT Programs

*If required by the designated PT programs, re-applicants are encouraged to submit new references to demonstrate what steps they have taken to improve their application since they last applied.