PT Observation Hours

Q: I worked with a PT who will verify my observation hours and submit a reference on my behalf. Should I ask the PT to complete the PTCAS Reference form AND sign the PTCAS Observation Hours form?

A: YES. The PT will need to complete two separate forms. The PTCAS Observation Hours form does not provide a way for the physical therapist to add comments on your abilities or attitudes.

  • To request a reference from the PT, enter the individual’s information in the REFERENCE section of the PTCAS application and follow the instructions.
  • Enter your PT experience in the PT OBSERVATION HOURS section and select by which method the hours will be verified.

Q: I don’t know the license number of the physical therapist. What should I do?

A: Leave the license number field blank, if unknown. If one or more of your designated programs requires a physical therapist to verify your hours with a signature, instruct the PT to enter his/her license number on the online or paper PTCAS PT Observation Hours Verification form.

Q: Can I list the same PT as a verifier for multiple experiences?

A: Yes, you may list the same PT as the verifier of multiple experiences using the uploaded verification form option only. Individuals may be listed as an electronic verifier only once.

Q: If no PT experience is required by the program, am I required to enter PT hours on the PTCAS application?

A: No. The PT Observation Hours section is optional, so you are not required to enter any PT experience. It is, however, in your best interest to enter any paid or volunteer experience on your PTCAS application to improve your chances for admission, even if it is not required.

Q: If no PT signature is required by the program, am I required to have a physical therapist verify my PT experiences?

A: No. If your designated program(s) do not require a physical therapist to verify your PT experiences, do not request a PT signature. Instead, you should only enter your PT experiences on the PTCAS application.

Q: What is the difference between an inpatient and outpatient facility?

A: An inpatient facility is generally located in a hospital or rehabilitation clinic that admits patients overnight. An outpatient facility is generally located outside of a hospital setting.

Q: What happens if the PT does not verify my hours?

A: If the PT cannot verify your hours for any reason,PTCAS instructs him/her to enter an explanation on the electronic PTCAS form.  PTCAS will then e-mail the explanation to you and give you the opportunity to update your PT experience so it may be verified.  PTCAS will not hold your file in processing for a missing PT Observation Hours Verification form.

Q: What verification “type” do I pick if none of my programs require PT verification?

A: If no verification is required, select the “I am not verifying this experience” option.

Q: Can I update my PT Observation Hours experience after I have e-submitted my application?

A: It depends. If you selected “electronic” verification type, you may update your in-progress PT Observation experiences, unless verification is already pending on the experience. You can NOT update any PT experiences marked as “Complete” or experiences verified with an uploaded form.

Q: If I update my PT Observation Hours, can I ask a PT to verify the changes?

A: Yes, if the hours were initially verified electronically, they may be re-verified by a physical therapist. After saving the changes to the experience, click the “Send for Verification” button again to have a request sent to the physical therapist. You can NOT make changes to your PT experiences marked as complete, verified using an uploaded form, or after the end of the application cycle.

Note: DO NOT click the “Send for Verification” button again unless you have updated the entry with additional hours. Please check the “Status > PT Observation Hours” section to determine if the hours have been initially verified.

Q: Can I delete a PT Observation Experience?

A: Yes, you may delete an experience as long as a request for verification is not currently active and not yet submitted by a physical therapist, or if the entry is for paper verification. Once a request for verification is sent or the physical therapist has verified your PT hours, you may not delete the experience from your application.

Q: My hours were previously verified by a PT on a different or old form.  Can I send to PTCAS?

A: Yes.  Applicants with observation hours previously verified by a PT on an old PTCAS (or other) form are able to submit this verification by uploading a scanned copy of the signed document.