Q: Does PTCAS save or carry over any application materials from one admissions cycle to the next if I reapply in the future?

A: If your application was “verified” for your designated PT programs in the 2015-16 admissions cycle and you re-apply, PTCAS can pull your application materials forward into the current admissions cycle. It is the re-applicant’s responsibility to verify that the imported information is accurate and complete.

PTCAS will pull most application data forward, including:

  • All colleges and universities attended
  • All United States coursework previously verified by staff
  • All Canadian coursework listed on the application
  • All United States transcripts, Canadian transcripts and Foreign Transcript Evaluations received
  • All listed extracurricular activities, honors and work experiences

Re-applicants are advised to re-submit GRE scores to the correct GRE code for every designated program in PTCAS as some institutions do not (1) accept GRE scores sent via PTCAS or (2) pull previously received GRE scores forward into the new admissions cycle.

The following items are not pulled forward by PTCAS from the previous cycle:

  • References*
  • PT Observation Hours and Verification Forms
  • Essays
  • Payments
  • PT Program Designations
  • Responses to Custom Questions for PT Programs

*If required by the designated PT programs, re-applicants are encouraged to submit new references to demonstrate what steps they have taken to improve their application since they last applied.

Please be aware that there will be NO REAPPLICANT FEATURE between the 2016-17 application cycle and the 2017-18 application cycle, due to PTCAS moving to an updated application platform.

Q: How do I enter newly completed coursework since I applied last cycle?

A: To list newly completed coursework on your PTCAS application, list the institution where the coursework was completed on your application in the “Institutions Attended” section, then add the courses in the “Coursework” section. If the institution where the coursework was listed as a part of your application last cycle, you will need to list it again before you can add your newly completed coursework for this institution. PTCAS must receive an updated transcript with your latest coursework included before your application will be considered complete.

Q: How do I change which classes I have selected for my Core PT Prerequisites if I applied last cycle?

A: In order to have your Core PT Prerequisite course selections changed on your new application, you will need to send a written request to PTCAS at indicating which courses you no longer wish to have identified as Core PT Prerequisites, as well as which specific courses you would like matched to each Core PT Prerequisite. PTCAS will not be able to make these changes unless the request is received in writing and has all of the necessary information.

Q: How do I enter an updated degree for an institution if I have no updated coursework?

A: In order to enter an updated degree for an institution at which you have no new coursework to report, you must follow the steps below:

  1. List the institution again in the “Institutions Attended” section of the application with the updated degree information.
  2. Arrange for an updated official transcript reflecting this newly earned degree sent to PTCAS.
  3. Enter a placeholder term and course in the “Coursework” section of the application with the information below:
    1. Term: select term in which the degree was earned.
    2. Course Title: enter “Degree Awarded”
    3. Course Prefix and Number: enter “Degree”
    4. Course Level: select Upper-Division
    5. Course Subject: select Other Course
    6. Grade: select NG
    7. Credit Hours: enter “0.0″
    8. Special Classification: select Not Applicable

This will allow us to receive the updated transcript for you and verify your new degree status.