Supplemental Applications

Q: Am I required to send a supplemental application or fee directly to my designated programs?

A: In addition to your PTCAS application, some PT programs may require you to submit a supplemental application, materials, and/or fee directly to the institution. Research the requirements of your designated programs.

Q: Are the supplemental application deadlines and the PTCAS deadlines the same?

A: The supplemental application deadlines may or may not be the same as the PTCAS deadlines. Research the requirements of your designated programs.

Q: If one of my programs requires me to send an official transcript, will PTCAS forward the copy I have already sent?

A: No. The transcript that you send to PTCAS will be used for verification purposes only and will not be forwarded to your designated programs at any point. If your school requests an official copy of your transcript(s) as part of a supplemental application or upon your acceptance, you must arrange for a new transcript to be sent.