Academic Update

If you submit your application before your summer or fall 2017 grades are available, enter your updated courses online during the Academic Update and arrange for your updated transcript to be sent to PTCAS as soon as it is available. Submit your updated courses as soon as you have an unofficial grade report from the institution and do not wait for the registrar to release your official transcript.

important icon You can only update your coursework once during the Academic Update and only after your initial application and coursework is verified by PTCAS.

Start the Academic Update

PTCAS will send an email to you once you are eligible to enter your updated grades and any new planned/in-progress courses.


After submission, you cannot update your courses in the Transcript Entry section until your application is in “verified” status. You can update your coursework from the day you are verified until the end of the application cycle; however, PTCAS will only update your GPA once during this Academic Update, if properly submitted by the Academic Update deadline.

Course Edit Restrictions

During the Academic Update, you can update only previously planned/in-progress courses with your new grade information and add new planned courses for the future. You cannot edit previously verified terms or add terms that you forgot to report from past years.

Updating In-Progress Courses

You can make updates to in progress coursework multiple times during the course of the cycle. However, please note that when submitting an update, you must move the entire term from “in-progress” to “complete.” You cannot move only some of the courses within a term to “complete” status and add the rest later. This information will not be verified by PTCAS or included in your GPA.

Important Academic Update Dates

  • December 12, 2017: The Academic Update opens. New courses will not be verified until the Academic Update window is open and your initial file is verified.
  • January 15, 2018: Priority deadline to submit your updated courses and transcripts to PTCAS. PTCAS will continue to accept updated transcripts after the priority deadline date through February 15.
  • February 15, 2018: The Academic Update closes. You cannot edit your courses after this date. PTCAS will no longer accept Academic Update transcripts.

How to Submit Your Updates
  • Once your application status is “verified,” navigate to the “Transcript Entry” section.
  • Edit any planned/in-progress terms that are now completed by unchecking the “planned/in progress” box for the term. Then, enter your grades and credits. All courses in the term must be complete before you switch the term’s status to “complete.”
  • Enter any new planned or in-progress terms. Once you are finished adding all new courses, submit your Academic Update for verification. Do not submit until all course edits are done.
  • Complete the Transcript Review again.
  • To submit updates back to verification, click the “Submit My Updates” button.
  • Once you have clicked the “Submit My Updates” button, navigate to your application dashboard. On the top of your page you should see an “Update my Application” button. Click on this button to send any application updates to your programs.
  • As soon as you click on the “Update my Application” button, your information is immediately updated on the application for all of your selected programs.
important icon If you do not complete this process, PTCAS will be unable to process your coursework changes, and your programs will not receive your updated GPAs.

Updated Transcripts

PTCAS will not accept transcripts that appear to have been sent by the applicant. Arrange for all official transcripts to be sent, enclosed with the PTCAS Transcript Request Form, to the address below:

PTCAS Transcript Department
PO Box 9112
Watertown, MA 02471

important icon  It is the responsibility of the applicant to make sure that all applicable grades are on the transcripts received by PTCAS.