Release Statement

You may update this information at any time prior to submission. Once you have submitted, the information on this page cannot be edited.

Presubmission Release of Information

By answering “yes,” you authorize PTCAS to release your name and contact information to your selected programs before you submit your final application. You are encouraged to select “yes” so that your selected programs can send you important information about their specific admissions processes before you complete your application.

Advisor Release

Select “yes” if you give PTCAS permission to release selected information regarding your PTCAS application and admission status to the health professions advisor and the health professions advisory committee of the postsecondary institution(s) that you have attended. By releasing your information, your advisor is better able to assist you in the admissions process, as well as better guide other students in the future. You cannot make changes to this item after you submit your application to PTCAS.

Certification and Authorization Statement

Your certification of this statement serves the same purpose as a legal signature, and is binding.

  • I certify, as required in the application, that I have read and understand all application instructions, including the provisions which note that I am responsible for monitoring and ensuring the progress of my application.
  • I certify that I have read and will abide by all program-specific instructions for my designated physical therapist programs.
  • I certify that all the information and statements I have provided in this application are current, correct, and complete to the best of my knowledge.
  • I certify that my personal essay and the information on my application represent my own work.
  • I understand that withholding information requested on the PTCAS application, or giving false information, may be grounds for denial of admission to a program participating in PTCAS or may be grounds for expulsion from the institution after I have been admitted.
  • I acknowledge that a program that makes an offer of acceptance to me will also know the number of offers I have received and accepted at other programs in PTCAS. While the admissions cycle is open, my designated programs will not know the total number of programs I selected on the application or other (non-acceptance) admission decisions made by other programs in PTCAS.
  • I acknowledge that if I start classes at a PT program, my other designated programs in which my application is still under consideration will be able to view matriculation status, if reported to PTCAS.
  • I acknowledge that in October after the end of the PTCAS admissions cycle, only my designated programs will be able to view to what other programs I applied via PTCAS and the final admission decision reported by each program.
  • I agree, understand and consent to PTCAS and the American Physical Therapy Association (APTA) releasing my de-identified application data that does not contain personally identifiable information, as set forth in the PTCAS privacy statement, and admission decisions submitted to PTCAS by my designated PT programs to third party health and education organizations for educational research purposes (including surveys). Such educational research is conducted for the purpose of improving PT education and admissions.
  • I acknowledge and agree that my sole remedy in the event of any proven errors or omissions related to the handling or processing of my application by PTCAS is to obtain a refund of my PTCAS application fee.