Citizenship Information

You may update this information at any time prior to submission. Once you have submitted, the information on this page cannot be edited.

United States Citizenship Details

Select your citizenship status at the time of application: US citizen, US permanent resident, temporary US resident, or nonresident. Do not designate “permanent resident” unless you currently possess a valid Permanent Resident card. If you applied for a Permanent Resident card, but it has not yet been granted, please select “temporary US resident.”

Residency Information

United States residents and citizens can select only 1 permanent (legal) state of residency. Select your state of residence at the time you apply; not your anticipated state of residency once enrolled. If you do not have a legal residence in the United States or within a United States territory, select “No State.” Not all programs consider out-of-state or foreign residents for admission, so review each program’s policies before you designate it in your application.

Visa Information

If you are a nonimmigrant visa holder, select the visa you hold at the time of application. Nonimmigrant applicants who do not hold a valid visa should select “None.” Contact your selected programs directly if your visa status changes after you submit your application. Below are the types of visa:

  • B-1 Visitor
  • F-1 Student
  • F-2 Spouses and Children of F-1 Visa Holders
  • H1-B Employee
  • I-551C Conditional Permanent Resident
  • I-94 Refugee
  • I-94 Asylum Granted
  • I-94 Parolee
  • I-94 Victim of Human Trafficking
  • I-94 Cuban Haitian Entrant
  • J-1 Student
  • J-1 Teacher, Researcher, or Trainee
  • J-2 Spouses and Dependents of J-1 Visa Holders
  • Refugee
  • Visa Waiver WB
  • Other
Previous State of Residency

If you have lived in your current state of residency for less than 1 year, you are encouraged to select your previous state of residency, as required by many institutions.