If your application was “verified” for at least one of your designated PT programs in the previous admissions cycle and you re-apply, PTCAS can pull your application materials forward into the current admissions cycle. It is the re-applicant’s responsibility to verify that the imported information is accurate and complete.

Creating A Re-Applicant Account

  • On the PTCAS Application logon page, click the “Reapplying to PTCAS” link.
  • You will need both your PTCAS username and password from your account in the previous cycle OR access to the e-mail address associated with your account in the previous cycle.
  • After you enter your username and password OR e-mail address from the previous cycle,  PTCAS will generate a unique re-applicant code that is specific to you.
    • If you entered your previous username and password, your re-applicant code will be displayed on the screen.
    • If you entered the email address associated with your account in the previous cycle, your PTCAS re-applicant code will be sent to that email address and valid for 24-hours.
  • Click the link “Have a Re-Applicant code?  Click here” on the following page and enter your re-applicant code exactly as provided and before it expires.
  • Create a new account for this admissions cycle.
  • Once done, PTCAS will pre-populate your new application with selected data from your previous application.

Items Pulled Forward

PTCAS will pull most application data forward, including all colleges and universities attended and United States courses previously verified by staff.

Items NOT Pulled Forward

The following items are not pulled forward by PTCAS from the previous cycle:

  • References*
  • PT Observation Hours and Verification Forms
  • Essays
  • Payments
  • PT Program Designations
  • Responses to custom questions for PT Programs

* If required by the designated PT programs, re-applicants are encouraged to submit new references to demonstrate what steps they have taken to improve their application since they last applied.

Update Your Application

The current PTCAS application differs slightly from the one in the previous cycle. Review every item in every section of the application. It may not be apparent from the main checklist screen that a particular item is incomplete or missing.

Re-applicants must do the following:

  • Enter new colleges and universities attended.
  • Add a second instance of a previously listed college or university, if new coursework has been completed since submitting the application during the previous admissions cycle.
  • Submit United States transcripts from each institution where additional coursework was completed.
  • Enter all newly completed college courses, as well as any known planned and in-progress coursework.
  • Add new relevant activities and accomplishments.
  • Review every item in application to ensure file is complete and accurate.

If required by designated PT programs, re-applicants must also

  • Submit new GRE scores for new designated programs and new exams taken.
  • Enter and submit new references.
  • Enter and (re)submit PT observation hours and verification forms.
  • Submit Canadian transcripts for newly completed coursework.
  • Submit foreign transcript evaluations for new international coursework completed.
  • Submit new TOEFL scores
  • Submit new supplemental materials and/or fee directly to programs